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Sterile sampling bag
1, a variety of specifications to choose from
2, the wire seal, sealing is good
3, transparent and with writing area can be choosen from
4, sample bag using gamma ray sterilization
5,No DNA enzyme, No RNA enzymes
Using way:
1, broke the dotted line seal
2, open the mouth to open both sides cross bracing
3, put the sample bag
4, grabbed on both ends of the wire and scroll three to four times
5, on both sides of the iron wire to fold sealed bag

Bagease sterile sampling bags are specially designed bag for microbiological analysis in variety of sizes, which are used as disposable laboratory consumables in a wide range. Applications vary from general blending purposes to samples preparation for analysis testing. For instance, it’s available for the dilution of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

The feature of bags is compatible with any lab blenders. On the top of bag, two stainless steel wires are fixed by tapes close to the seal. They apply to transferring and blending samples in various purposes of experiment. There are printing and no printing bags for different customer needs. Sterile sampling bags are manufactured from high quality poly ethylene which is transparent for easy observation. Bags are available for all sample types: food, blood, hair, cloth, soil and others.

To avoiding cross contamination, bags are sterile by Gamma or E.O. irradiation. They can be resistant to high temperature of 100 degrees. All Bagease sterile sampling bags are packaged in bags with sterilization, RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic

Product feature:
1. Various volumes for different testing
2. Specialized for sampling and temporary storing.
3. All bags are sterilized with Gamma irradiation
4. RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.

Packaging information:
Composite film bags are used for packaging
Lot number is printed on packaging for tracking
Cartons are customized for protecting products from damage.

Colour Sterile Sampling Bags

bags with tape colors of white, blue, and red for 4oz (118ml), 18oz (532ml), 24oz (710ml), and 55oz (1,627ml) bags. This exciting new feature allows you to isolate samples according to the colored tape, providing an instant visual indicator for each section of the lab or plant, differentiate between treated and non-treated samples, or keep allergens separated from regular samples


White Tape
Part Number
Blue Tape
Part Number
Red Tape
Part Number
4 oz
3" x 7¼"
B01062(WT)WA B01062(BT)WA B01062(RT)WA $83.44 / Pack 500
18 oz
4½" x 9"
B01065(WT)WA B01065(BT)WA B01065(RT)WA $123.71 / Pack 500
24 oz
6" x 9"
B01297(WT)WA B01297(BT)WA B01297(RT)WA $166.43 / Pack 500
7½" x 12"
B01195(WT)WA B01195(BT)WA B01195(RT)WA $273.25 / Pack 500


Environmental Surface Sampling Bags

bag is designed for environmental surface sampling of work areas, equipment, animal carcasses, and any other place where testing for Listeria, Salmonella, E. Coli, coliforms, and other foodborne pathogens, or anthrax is required.

The special dry sponge is free of bactericides and has been tested to be non-inhibitory. It measures approximately 1½” x 3” x 5/8” (3.8 x 7.6 x 1.5cm) thick when wet, and is sterilized inside a Whirl-Pak® bag. Wearing a sterile glove when wiping with the sponge is recommended to help prevent contamination. After the sample has been collected and the sponge returned to the bag, it can be sent to a lab for testing. In the lab, media may be added directly to the bag, and the sample incubated inside the bag for a +/- test, or the sample may be squeezed out of the sponge, pipetted, and plated out.

The 55oz bag is designed to be used in a homogenizer blender for thorough mixing of the sample and media for USDA-ARS standard procedure to identify foodborne pathogens

Available with a sterile, ambidextrous, large size polyethylene glove attached in a bottom compartment
Environmental surface sampling can be faster and easier by using the pre-moistened bags. The sponge is ready to use and is hydrated with 10ml of neutralizing buffer that will neutralize several surface sanitizers including quaternary ammonium compounds, phenolics, iodine preps, chlorine preps, mercurials, formaldehyde, and glutaraldehyde. To use, squeeze out excess buffer from the sponge - this can be done by squeezing the sponge from the outside with two hands or squeezing the sponge with a sterile gloved hand after opening the bag. Wipe the surface to be tested, return the sponge to the bag, close, and send to the lab for analysis.

The buffer has a 24 month shelf life from date of manufacture and each carton is marked with an expiration date; no refrigeration is necessary. The bags are packaged in a foil liner bag to prevent evaporation of the buffer. Buffer contains monopotassium phosphate, sodium thiosulfate, and aryl sulfonate complex.


Description Capacity Dimensions Part Number Price
Dry Speci-Sponge 18oz (532ml) 4½” x 9” B01245WA $141.40 / Pack 100
Dry Speci-Sponge with Sterile Glove B01392WA $294.77 / Pack 100
Dry Speci-Sponge 55oz (1627ml) 7½” x 12” B01299WA $200.74 / Pack 100
Hydrated Speci-Sponge with Neutralizing Buffer 18oz (532ml) 4½” x 9” B01422WA $314.79 / Pack 100
Hydrated Speci-Sponge with Neutralizing Buffer and Sterile Glove B01423WA $386.72 / Pack 100


Sterile Blender Bags

Bags are specially designed for use with homogenizer blenders. They are made from extra-heavy polyethylene and have special features to make sample testing easier and more efficient.

Round Bottom Seal
The B01239WA bag features a special round bottom seal designed to minimize sample fragments from getting caught in the corners of the bag during blending.

Filter Blender Bags
Filter Bags contain a third layer of finely perforated polyethylene film, which filters out solids in the blended sample, allowing for easy pipetting of the liquid. The hole diameter in the filter layer measures .013 inches (.33 mm), 330 microns, and there are 1,840 holes per square inch (285 per square cm). The filter layer inside the bag is sealed into the sides and bottom perimeter, allowing the sample to be placed in the bag on either side. Liquids of a blended sample will transfer through the filter, while solids remain on one side.

Stand-Up Blender Bags
These bags have a special gusset on the bottom which flattens out when the sample is placed inside, allowing it to stand up completely by itself. Both hands are free to work with the sample.

Plain Blender Bags
When the sample does not have to be retained, these bags are designed for quick testing and disposal. Usually the sample is homogenized, tested and then discarded. The bags are sterilized and made of heavy-duty polyethylene. Bags are packaged with 50 in a sealed liner bag. Cut the liner and pull the bag out by the bottom. These are quality without the wire-closing tab.

Standard Blender Bags

Capacity Dimensions Description Part Number Price
13 oz 5¼" x 7½" Standard B01018WA $118.00 / Pack 500
24 oz 6" x 9" Standard B01063WA $179.45 / Pack 500
24 oz 6" x 9" Write-On B01196WA $187.37 / Pack 500
55 oz 7½" x 12" Write-On B01195WA $261.50 / Pack 500
52 oz 7" x 13" Round Bottom B01239WA

$298.97 / Pack 500

Filter Blender Bags

Capacity Dimensions Part Number Price
7 oz 3¾" x 7" B01385WA $195.00 / Pack 250
24 oz 6" x 9" B01348WA $254.98 / Pack 250
55 oz Standard 7½" x 12" B01318WA $303.00 / Pack 250
55 oz No Closure 7½" x 12" B01547WA $215.00 / Pack 250
69 oz 7½" x 15" B01416WA $320.37 / Pack 250
92oz 10" x 15" B01488WA $238.91 / Pack 100
138oz 15" x 15" B01525WA $256.50 / Pack 100

Stand-Up Blender Bags

Capacity Dimensions Part Number Price
24 oz 6" x 9" B01401WA $167.58 / Pack 500
69 oz 7½" x 15" B01451WA $180.15 / Pack 250

Plain Blender Bags

Capacity Dimensions Description Part Number Price
55 oz 7½" x 12" Standard B01421WA $203.00 / Pack 1000
184 oz 15" x 20" Write-On B01474WA $256.38 / Pack 250


Stand-Up Bag makes sample handling and testing much easier because it gives users the ability to perform important laboratory functions with both hands. No rack or other holder is needed to keep the bag upright. When the sample is placed inside, the special gusseted bottom flattens out, allowing the bag to stand up on its own. It works just like a beaker or bottle, however it costs less, is sterilized, won’t break, and uses only a fraction of storage space as the other containers. Available in seven sizes with a convenient write-on strip for easy sample identification.


Capacity Dimensions Part Number Price
4 oz 3" x 7¼" B01364WA $89.78 / Pack 500
18 oz 4½" x 9" B01365WA $135.47 / Pack 500
24 oz 6" x 9" B01401WA $167.58 / Pack 500
36 oz 5" x 15" B01449WA $139.65 / Pack 250
42 oz 6" x 15" B01450WA $157.80 / Pack 250
69 oz 7½" x 15" B01451WA $180.15 / Pack 250
138 oz 15" x 15" B01542WA $234.12 / Pack 100


Water Sampling Bag

bag is specially designed for sampling chlorinated water from municipalities, swimming pools, waste water, and other sources to test for fecal coliforms and other bacteria. (Can also be used for waste treated with chloramine used in the same concentration as chlorine). Each sterile bag contains a nontoxic, nonnutritive tablet containing 10mg of active sodium thiosulfate to neutralize chlorine at the time of collection.
EPA approved and has the additional benefits of saving technician time, utility costs, storage space, disposal costs, and replacing sample containers

Available with a convenient write-on strip and fill lines (approximate) to help collect the correct amount of water as required by Standard Methods

A box of 100 bags takes up considerably less space than a case of 100 bottles
Bags are packaged in sealed bags of 25 for easy use and the entire lot is sterilized as a unit of 100
Stand-up Thio-Bags stand up completely by themselves - no rack or other holder is needed to keep the bag upright

18oz (300ml) Thio-Bags contain three times the amount of sodium thiosulfate to run multiple tests
Waste Water Thio-Bags meet National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) standard, June 2003, for sampling waste water treated with 15mg/l of chlorine


Capacity Description Part Number Price
4oz (100ml) Regular B01040WA $37.71 / Pack 100
Stand-Up B01402WA $39.30 / Pack 100
Waste Water B01440WA $34.22 / Pack 100
18oz (300ml) Regular B01254WA $71.33 / Pack 100
Stand-Up B01403WA $73.82 / Pack 100




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