Reusable Heavy Duty Poly Aprons The best Kitchen Cooking Apron,Multipurpose Disposable Aprons Waterproof Arts & Crafts,P

High quality protection at an affordable price.

Disposable aprons are perfect for painters, artists, pottery wheels, arts & crafts, cooking, food prep, kitchens, bakery's, restaurants, serving food, studios, schools, art classes, diy projects, and washing dishware.

Keep money in your wallet and protect your clothing from unwanted stains.


POP-UP SHEETS 15 x 10 3/4 is an economical alternative to paper.

These high-quality sheets, 0.45 mil thick, are the perfect alternative to using paper, because they are great for covering your pans and baskets, and then protect them from foreign contaminants.

These food wraping sheets come up with a sheet dispenser that allows you to easily use them, according to your cleaning of covering requirement.



These strong plastic sheets are made using high density polyethylene. High density sheets provide a sanitary way to handle food and are waterproof, greaseproof and non-absorbent.

These versatile poly sheets comply with FDA and USDA regulations for food service industry.

Disposable pop-up sheets - 100% food safe and perfect for food handling in commercial or home use. In addition this durable plastic is microwavable! You can warm food up using them and you can serve food using them.



The best part about these deli pop up sheets is that you can use them for just about anything! If you cook up greasy and oily food and you want something to soak it all, use our multi-purpose pop up sheets.

This plastic wrap can be used for many applications such as scale sheets, basket liners, and for separating meats and cheeses.

You can also use these universal plastic sheets as a pick-up sheet in a deli or bakery, as a scale sheet, as a basket liner or much, much more!



Bulk-pack clear plastic polyethylene sheets are one of the most economical wrapping solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

Practical and budget, these wholesale waterproof plastic sheets are great for storing a variety of products from food to equipment and parts. Thanks to transparency and size, these multifunctional liners provide endless possibilities for using these kitchen plastic wrap.



Made from HPDE plastic, these poly sheets can be suited for plastic recycling at any grocery store or retailer store near you that accepts HDPE plastic items.

These earth-friendly sheets are 100% recyclable and can be used repeatedly without lost performance or support.

Polyethylene film sheets provide a strong barrier against wetness.

They are ideal for freezer interleaving.

They work well with frozen foods, helping to separate them without thawing.

The neat dispenser box takes up less counter space.

And the sheets dispense easily, one at a time. Material(s):

Polyethylene; Length: 10 3/4"; Width: 8"; Packing Type: Pack.

【ECO-friendly/Biodegradable/Compostable/Corn starch/Potato starch】

【Big Size】 4 Gallon recycling container sorter,15 inch x15 inch x 12 inch, 6 piece / pack

【Free Standing】 No need trash cans or bins or trash bag stand holder, free standing itself recycling bins

【Reusable】 Waterproof, reusable multiple times, the recycle sorter bags save much costs for you

【Foldable&Portable】Folding design separate recycle waste bin bags,easy for your recycle garbage trash sorting everywhere.

【Multiple Purpose】Stand up trash bags, Indoor outdoor garbage dust waste collection, home kitchen recycle trash baskets, garden bags for leaf lawn yard, travel party picnics BBQ Kitchen garbage bags


ULTRA STRONG drawstring trash bags let you dispose of your waste more efficiently and no need to hold the bin bags itself and get messy.

Let the stretchable and quick-tie drawstring do that job for you. Avoids using multiple trash bags to carry heavy and unwieldy trash as Myste's single bag does the trick for you.


kitchen 13 gallon unscented drawstring bags are made from high-quality Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) material and are safe for the environment and health as they do not release any harmful chemicals i.e., UNSCENTED for a reason.


Myste 13 gal unscented trash bags black can fit bin cans of different shapes of 49.2 liters (Round/Circle, Square, Rectangle rims) and suitable for all indoor and outdoor trash collections, be it kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, hospitals, garden, schools, etc. The multi-purpose drawstring kitchen bags 13 gallon are durable and reusable as they can be used as storage for clothes, toys, tools etc.

Our trash bags are made of High strength PE material,good toughness. It is very durable and strong which not easily punctured.

These durable trash bags are standard thickness, which is leakproof, no smell, and more environmentally friendly.

These transparent waste bags are suitable for office, kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom. keep your home and office clean.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have any questions and issue, please feel free to contact us!

Multiple colors to choose
Classic & Dream series garbage bag, which explains the special meaning of color perfectly.

Different colors shows different emotions.

To enrich our life and have the colors we yearn for every moment, we create this " the color bags" theme bags , not only to show the characteristics of the product, but also to integrate the expression of color and the buyer's perception.

Choose your favorite color, own the feelings you desire, and feel the thoughts and feelings in your heart at each moment.

[ Material & Strong]: Garbage Bags are all made of the newest pure HDPE material, no smell, it is harmless for body,you can rest assured in use.


[No Breakable & Leakproof, More Durable]:The Garbage Bags full width of the bottom edge are cinched, so it is more stronger that leave no space to leak.


[Multipurpose]: Our waste basket liners bags are suitable for use in bathroom,kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, car,dorm rooms, school and cleaning pet’s litter and baby diapers.

【Eco-Friendly】Imported eco-friendly materials, without artificial color, unscented indoor outdoor drawstring trash bags

【Drawstring】Drawstring waste bags design, convenient and easy to close the bags and lift to outside

【Easy to Dispense 】Tissue box design ,grab one trash can liners at a time easily from both sides. Widely used for high kitchen trash bins, commercial office, school, hotel, mall, supermarket, bathroom, garden garbage can, rubbish bin, trash barrel, trash baskets

HEAVY DUTY - 1.5 MIL THICK - Strong enough to tolerate all residential household garbage and commercial waste. Made from industrial-strength low-density resins (thicker material).


NO TEARS or LEAKS - Trash bag liner is durable and designed to hold the toughest garbage with absolutely no tears or leaks.


SECURE TRASH BAG - Firmly secure trash bag in place with a rubber band (sold separately). Bag can then be reused for many garbage pickups. Alternatively, before pickup simply remove band and tie bag closed.


KEEPS TRASH CAN 100% CLEAN - Garbage bag liners ensures can will remain totally clean inside. No more smell or dirt around your trash cans! Maintain your can in perfect brand new condition!

Bag Size: Approx. 45cm x 50cm/17.7 x 19.7inch

Scope Suitable for round trash ≤28cm diameter size, the size of the square side ≤21cm trash bin 30L capacity within

Convenience and durable Easy to insert neatly and to remove quickly

Garbage bags Material PE Polyethylene (PE: for the production of plastic wrap, plastic bags of food, bottles and other non-toxic odor, harmless)


Our liners come in a small box that are designed to provide space saving convenience and easy dispensing.

They are compact & lightweight and are easier to carry, hold or shelve anywhere in your home or office. Each roll of liner is perforated for easy and effortless dispensing



Our liners are made from thick and tough 1.2 mil LDPE material for maximum durability and strength.

This helps to prevent leaks and avoid rips/tears when taking out garbage


Our liners are designed efficiently so they can fit code R wastebasket bins perfectly.

There is no extra overhang or bunching that could prevent the bin lid from closing properly


Small Countertop Bin

Diaper Disposal

Pet Waste Disposal


MUTI-COLOR: Come in blue, yellow, green and black colors, the different colors help you separate recycle and garbage. And they arrive in a neat roll, perfect for storage. No pulling or tearing. SIZE: height 19.69 inch * width 17.72 inch.


FUNCTION: Overlapping and coiling, single extraction, and Self-closing, non-dirty handbags. Thickening trash bags can withstand up to 26 lb, and applicable to 2.6-5 gallon.


ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made of pure PE material, no smell, no breakable, more durable, more environmentally friendly. An integral forming on the bottom leave no space to leak.


MULTIPURPOSE: Not only a wastebasket bag for office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, this bag can also store blankets, books and clothes according to season, and organize your holiday decorations.


100% SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SERVICE: We absolutely guarantee If you have any questions and issue, please feel free to contact us. We are truly dedicated to your satisfaction.

13 Gallon Trash Bags

Sized 13 gallon [27 inch×24 inch]

Large enough to hold heavy piece of garbage.


Scent Free

Made from natural materials that carry no scent.

Built to keep air fresh and improve your health.


Drawstring Strong Bags

Come with a portable and helpful drawstring.

No need to lift the bags out from the can with both hands anymore.

Odor Free No plastic odor. Built to keep indoor air fresh and improve your health.

Drawstring A portable strong drawstring saves you the trouble of lifting the bag with both hands.

Kitchen Storage
Living Room  Storage
Bathroom  Storage

【Biodegradable Material】It is made from corn starch material, which is using corn starch and other plant renewable resources as raw materials, modified and plasticized.this new plastic can be naturally decomposed in the natural without causing damage to the environment or to the human body.


【Perfect Sizes】19.7*23.6inch/50*60cm,its dimension big enough foryour trash cans.With The bottom octagonal design, It can allow for more trash than ordinary garbage bags.


【Strong & Durable】These bags have have good toughness,thicker and are not easily torn.Tear-resistant,leak-proof, perforated.They have been tested to withstand a maximum weight of 11 lb (5 kg), which is strong enough for daily life.


【Comfortable Color】Green can give you a sense of calmness and comfortable, it will looks nice when used in your trash bin. They can be used in kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, cars and home offices.


【After-Sale Service】Our small trash bags provide your home or office a quality life, make your life more convenient. Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.


Large and durable, these heavy-duty, bags are made using 1.3 mil thick plastic to keep food fresh and your belongings safe and secure. They’re clear so you can easily see the contents inside.



Fill it up with your favorite brining sauce & throw in up to 25 lb. roast.

Double bag to prevent any spills & enjoy a hassle free, mess free, no cleanup party or dinner.

Extend your meals freshness by keeping your fruits, vegetables, bread, pet food, flour,meats, leftovers to lock in freshness & prevent freezer burns or lengthen your food's shelf life.



Use our transparent, disposable zip plastic bags to pack up when moving, going to college or dorm, to organize a trip or your business travels by packing all your cosmetics, clothing, toiletries, tools, supplies and belongings and protect them from potential spills that may occur & to keep your luggage organized & neat. Plus, you will always know what’s inside which is perfect for personal convenience and airport security alike!



Protecting against dust, these clear bags are the perfect way to store clothing, linens, books or supplies. You can seamlessly store away seasonal clothes when not in use, extra linens and blankets for overnight guests, or stuffed animals and other toys to keep you home organized and clutter free.



Depending on your needs, these 5-gallon storage bags are 1.3 Mil thick., super large & includes twisters for easy closure.

Extra Large Size:

75" W x 106" H (Can be used as max. cylinder dimension: 47" Dia. x 82" H)


Extra Thickness:

5.9Mil (0.15mm), Super duty bag. Withstand tear and rip, highly durable Jumbulk PE Bag


Made from premium grade all new,

non-recycled Polyethylene (PE) plastic.


For top grade FIBC waterproof solution or for Furniture moving and long term storage

Keep out water, moisture, dust, insect etc


Heavy duty 1.1 MIL plastic means your project is always tear and puncture free.


All Products are made from at least 90% recycled material: reducing landfill waste without sacrificing on quality.


Our best value pack to date. 100 bags at a price anyone can afford.

Made in the China

All Products are proudly made in the China.

Dimension:150''(W)x150''(H) / Thickness:0.2mm size are customized, we can produce any sizing for you;

Materail:High-grade plastic.Non-toxic and No smell

Feature:Easy to pack, carry, and store belongings / Light weight storage bag for easy transport /Clear construction for easy visibility to contents


Suitable for storaging:Comforter Blanket Clothing Plush Toys and more.

Our small bags come with big benefits.

Close & Carry in a Snap

The drawstring makes it easy to close and hold the bag.

Delightful Scents

Choose from two refreshing scents for a whiff of wonderful.

Keep Your Home Beautiful

Our green and blue bags add a decorative tough to any home.

Perfectly sized to use in more places.

In Your Bathroom

In your Home Office

In Your Bedroom

In Your Car

STRONG GARBAGE RECYCLING BAGS: With a 1.2 mil thickness, indoor/outdoor waste bags are super tough.


SUPER VALUE 100 CT BOX: Each box contains (100) plastic garbage bags, so you'll have plenty for months to come.


JUMBO SIZE TRASH BAGS: With a 33 gallon capacity, these trash bags are perfect for the home, the office, the garage or the backyard.


MULTIPUROSE WASTE BAGS: Measuring 61” wide x 68” tall, the BLUE trash bags can be used to pick up a variety of things, including leaves, twigs, weeds and debris.


Material: extra strong thicken plastic,high quality


Size: 45*60cm (width*total length),medium size


Package – comes with 5 Rolls garbage bags, each roll including 20 pcs bags, perfect for storage.


Multipurpose – These transparent waste bags are suitable for office, kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, car, baby diapers, garage, and cleaning pets’ litter.


Advantage – these lightweight trash bags can keep your home and office clean and tidy; easy to separate and disposal.


our products are Biodegradable under standard landfill conditions – the most common waste disposal method! This bag has shown to biodegrade 47.9% in 361 days!


SAVING ANIMALS FROM PLASTIC WASTE – Start the biodegradable trend to help save wildlife from plastic waste. Plastic has damaged animals for quite sometime and now is the time to put a stop to it. We launched these biodegradable bags as the first step to help mitigate wildlife suffering from plastic waste. Be apart of the trend! Saving our world, one bag at a time.


T-SHIRT GROCERY BAGS - 12 inches width, 6 ½ inches gusset width, and 22 inches height of these biodegradable bags with targeted shelf life ensure that you carry all the stuff you want to with ease and without worrying about the space you have available. Avoid excessive heat, store Compostable Bags in a cool, dry place and used within two year of purchase.


SAVING OUR WORLD, ONE BAG AT A TIME -  you can be sure of doing a bit towards protecting the environment as these biodegradable t-shirt bags break down or decompose a lot faster than traditional plastic bags used for hot and cold items.



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